Herbert Yussim, Broker / Owner, Licensed in Oregon

2015 & 2016 President, Rental Owners Association of Southwestern Oregon

I began my professional career at age 6 by weaving potholders from a kit in front of the local supermarket in Brooklyn, NY and selling them to the ladies doing their regular shopping. There were a myriad of odd jobs: shoeshine boy, bicycle delivery, store clerk, messenger, mailroom at the corporate offices, and finally at my uncles apparel factory sweeping the floor and maintaining the sewing machines. During College, Fine Arts major, I worked at night. Although I discussed a career in the arts with my Opera Singer uncle, the uncle with the factory offered me $100 per week to help manage his factory and that was the start of a nearly 40 year career in fashion apparel manufacturing. All the earlier work experience contributed to shaping my attitudes toward work and I am sad that those opportunities don't exist for young people today.

Ultimately I became a senior manufacturing executive for noteworthy public companies and I have also owned and operated several of my own factories and manufacturing businesses as well. Over the past several years I have jumped on board with my wife to help her build Oregon Bay Properties, LLC. I specialize in Residential & Commercial Property Management. There is a good deal of similarity in running a property management operation and an apparel manufacturing operation. They both require excellent positive people skills and good concentration, a sense of urgency, tactful direct no nonsense conversations without damaging relationships or shutting off communications and both require a solid foundation in business law. For public service, our idea to fill our empty walls with art has morphed first into a Community Art Gallery and now I serve as president of the Coos Art Museum.

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