The following links provide additional information on real estate including government pages, property inspectors, other property management companies and distressed property information. Also, includes is a brief summary of how Coos County property taxes are calculated.

Oregon Bay Properties, LLC does not endorse or recommend any company but is providing the list for your convenience.  For additional information on these companies, please contact the Better Business Bureau and the Oregon State Contractors Board Websites.




Coos Bay Area Mortgage Lenders

Oregon Real Estate Agency Disclosure Pamphlet

Fannie Mae 

Freddie Mac 

Housing & Urban Development (HUD) 

Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing

Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation

Oregon Housing and Community Services

Oregon Buyers and Sellers Advisory 

US Department of Agriculture 

Oregon Real Estate Agency

Lead Based Paint 

Oregon Law Regarding Smoke Alarms 

Well Identification Program 

Carbon Monoxide

Wood Stove Program 




  ASAP Inspections                                                 541.808.5613

Havens Inspections                                               541.260.1111

Michael Brown Home Inspections                           541.217.9399

Precise Property Inspection                                   541.888.0270



EL Edwards                                                        541.756.0347

Advanced Property Management                          541.269.7210

Grand Management                                            541.269.5561

Prestige Management                                         541.751.9415

Pamela Swanson Property Management               541.808.0991

Oregon West Property Management                     541.269.1912

Thompson Property Management                         541-267-4120



Avoiding Foreclosure 


Making Home Affordable Act 


United States Foreclosure Laws 

NeighborWorks Umpqua




The information provided below applies to the state if Oregon and Coos County because each county is different. We are NOT an expert on the tax system for the state or Coos County; this is a personal understanding. Please verify this information and all property tax questions directly with the Assessor’s Office. . If you have any additional questions, need more information or for questions about a specific property, contact the Tax Assessors Office at 541.396.3121 ext. 274 or Email: 

In Oregon, property taxes help support the police, fire protection and education. The amounts of property taxes are based on 2 things; one is the assessed value of the property and second is the amount of taxes that each taxing district is authorized to increase each year. The Oregon constitution places limits on both of these factors. The limits were put in place in 1996 & 1997 by Measures 47 & 50 which affected the assessment of property taxes; the following is a brief explanation.

The average tax rate in Coos County is different for city vs. county properties. City property taxes range from $12 to $18 per $1,000 of assessed value and county property taxes range from $8 to $15 per $1,000 of assessed value. The assessed values average about 56% of real market value overall and run about 46% on residential properties. 

The Real Market Value (RMV) is the value the assessor’s office places on the property based on visits or area appraisals. This number will include the land and improvements.

The Maximum Assessed Value (MAV) is the taxable limit established for each property. The first MAV for each property was set in the 1997-1998 tax year. For that year, the MAV was the property’s 1995-1996 RMV, minus 10%. The MAV can be increased for 2 reasons; a 3% annual increase or specific property events such as an addition or remodel which will increase the property’s value. 

The Taxable Assessed Value (TAV) is the lower of the RMV and the MAV. For example; if a property RMV is $250,000 and the MAV is $122,000 then your TAV is $122,000. The MAV will increase each year 3% and your taxes will rise based on that increase. Should the RMV and the MAV meet, then the taxes are based on the lower of the 2 numbers. 


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