Many consumers consider selling their home on their own but eventually turn to Realtors®. Smart home sellers realize that Realtors® add value to the real estate transaction; they can expose homes to more buyers and save owners time and money throughout the home selling process.

Realtors® sell hundreds, if not thousands, of homes over the course of their careers, compared to the average person who may only move a handful of times during their lifetime. The number of unrepresented sellers plummeted to a record low to 11 percent. In today’s marketplace, many buyers are taking their time and exercising caution when investing in home ownership.

There are a number of reasons for using a Realtor®. First, selling a home is a full-time job. Unrepresented sellers often don’t understand the complexity, range and timing of tasks they’ll have to perform. In a competitive market, sellers need every advantage they can get. On the open market, today’s sellers have to compete with short sales and foreclosures as well as other homeowners who may be trying to sell their homes.

Second, managing the appraisal process, inspections and buyer qualifications has become more complicated in a tougher credit market, adding to the already intricate transaction process. Realtors® are real estate professionals who are experts in marketing and negotiation, as well as understanding local market conditions. Most people know that using a Realtor® is a smart selling decision. Purely “For-Sale-By-Owner” transactions – where the seller did not know the buyer – remain historically low.

Third, most of today’s buyers are online – nine out of 10 recent buyers used the Internet in their home search – and unrepresented sellers have limited to no access to major online marketing avenues such as REALTOR.com, the Multiple Listing Service and other Web sites with large pools of listings to which buyers are attracted. Although there are sites that cater to unrepresented sellers, their total listings are in the tens of thousands in contrast with nearly 4 million homes showcased on REALTOR.com.

In addition to today’s challenging marketplace, owners who try to sell their homes on their own face the increasing complexity of the transaction process, with more disclosures and legal requirements than ever before; often underestimating the amount of time required to market and show their property; often overestimating or underestimating the value of their property; and having to deal with security concerns about strangers having access to their home.


Some content taken from the National Association of Realtors website

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